Tears of a Goddess

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Due to the adventures involvement, the Duke and the Flesh Cult have fled Athkalta abandoning their undead army at the castle gates to ensure there would be no pursuit. The vampire orc chief Sorg readies to send the undead in to attack without the control of the Flesh Cult necromancers in an attempt to seize the city through strength of numbers. The remaining militia stand at the battlements of Athkalta staring into the horde of undead encroaching on their city. Though the undead soldiers are mindless they still crave the destruction of life and hungrily march on Athkalta. The castle archers quickly begin firing into the enemy while the balista teams hurl huge stone slab at the horde. Undead ogres, armed with giant maces, move to crush the castle defenders and breach the castle doors, while wraiths simply pass through the walls to attack the archers. With the adventures thwarting his siege, Sorg confronts the adventures to end their meddling for good.


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