Sorg Bloodeye

A huge pale orc with a engorged belly and blood smeared mouth


Init+5 Senses+3darkvision Speed:5charge:7Burrow:4

Aura5(bld allies deal +2 dmg)

HP:216 Bld:108/ Resist necro5/ Vul Rad:10/ Regen:10/ Immune:poison

AC:24 Fort:24 Reflex:21 Will:23 saves+2

Mages Fullblade(at will) +12 vs AC 1d12+7 Crit=1d12+20

Inspire ferocity(immediate reaction, ally10 drops to 0)Ally gets a free melee attack recharge5’6

Warrior surge(encounter) +12 vs AC 1d12=7 and gain 54HP

Blood Drain (encounter, bld adjacent enemy) combat advantage+10 vs fort 2d12+4 gain 54HP

Cloud of Flies (encounter)range 10 one creature+11 vs fort 2d6+3 acid and target grants combat advantage until the end of sorgs next turn


Sorg Bloodeye

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