Graveborn Troll

An Troll with a skeletal head coverd by an enormus cape and cowel reaches out with a black claw, dripping with venom


Init+4 Senses+4 Speed=8

HP:111 Bld:55 AC:21 Fort:23 Reflex:18 Will:16

Necro Claws (at will) 2attacks +13 vs AC 1d10+9 necrotic If both hit target takes ongoing 5 necrotic save ends

Death’s breath (minor, encounter) close burst5 +10vs fort 1d8+9 necrotic, target is immobilized save ends.

Miss: 1/2 damage and target is immoblized until the end of Troll's next turn

Sorg’s personal guard he head created for him by the Flesh Cult

Graveborn Troll

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